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Christmas Time

Please keep the following in mind when ordering from the category "Christmas":
When you place your order before 17:00, the next possible delivery date for order is the next business day (incl. Saturday). When ordering on Saturday for Monday, the order needs to be ordered by 11:00.If it is after 17:00 and you would like a delivery of Christmas flowers for the next business day, then please order from "Flowers Tomorrow via Florist".If you would like a delivery in another country, please choose: "Worldwide".

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Bunch of 15 red roses with limonium & vase

Purely roses! Fresh from the market.

Beautiful rose bouquet with 15 red roses, blue limonium and a ribbon. The bottom 1/3 is defoliated and the thorns have been removed. The roses are about 40-50cm long and have a head size of about 3,5cm. With a package of flower nutrients and nursing instructions.

19,99 €
Bunch of 19 pastel-coloured roses
Bunch of 19 pastel-coloured roses with vase
19,99 €
Flower Bouquet Abendrot
Flower Bouquet Abendrot with vase
14,99 €
Rose Bouquet Rubin
Rose Bouquet Rubin with vase
25,99 €
Flower Bouquet Symphonie
Flower Bouquet Symphonie with vase
22,99 €
Flower Bouquet Tausendschön
Flower Bouquet Tausendschön with vase
27,99 €
Flower Bouquet Sunset
Flower Bouquet Sunset with vase
20,99 €
Bunch of 15 roses
Bunch of 15 roses with limonium with vase
19,99 €
Premium Bouquet Monaco
Premium Bouquet Monaco with premium vase
54,99 €
Premium Bouquet Brasilia
Premium Bouquet Brasilia with premium vase
69,99 €
Premium Bouquet Blütenpracht
Premium Bouquet Blütenpracht with premium vase
62,99 €
Premium Bouquet Weiße Pracht with premium vase
64,99 €
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