Siegel Tüv Siegel EHI

NEW! FloraPrima naturals. Naturally beautiful, sustainably grown bouquets, the recipient of the flowers can arrange the bouquet herself/himself.

Little Fairytale

with 3 roses "Deep Purple", 2 carnations, 3 freesias, 1 limonium, 4 tulips, 2 panicum grasses and 5 eucalypthus

Morning Light

with 3 roses, 2 solidago, 1 limonium, 3 freesias, 3 carnations, 2 statice, 2 branches of downy birch and 6 eucalypthus

Hello Spring

with 3 anemones, 5 tulips, 3 freesias, 1 limonium, 3 solidago, 1 branch of blueberry and 6 eucalypthus

Purple Mood

with 2 lisianthus, 3 freesias, 3 carnations, 1 limonium, 1 statice, 3 tulips, 2 pancium grasses and 7 eucalypthus

Colour Splash

with 3 roses "Patz, 3 carnations "St. Nob. Violett", 2 asclepia, 2 wax flowers, 7 tulips and 6 eucalypthus

Ray of Sunshine

with 3 roses "Buttercup", 3 carnations, 1 lisianthus, 2 chamomilles, 3 freesias, 2 bupleurum, 2 branches of birch and 6 eucalypthus

Spring Mood

with 5 roses, 3 freesias, 1 santini ball, 2 trachelium, 2 wax flowers, 3 tulips and 10 eucalypthus


with 3 roses "Heidi", 2 limonium, 2 santini balls, 3 carnations "St. Nob. Burgundy", 3 freesias, 2 ruscus and 9 eucalypthus

Spring Feelings

with 5 roses "Heidi", 2 lisianthus, 2 limonium, 3 carnations, 3 hypericum, 2 santini balls, 2 panicum grasses, 4 branches downy birch and 6 eucalypthus

All About You

with 3 lisianthus, 5 roses "Heidi", 2 carnations, 2 santini balls, 1 wax flower, 2 ruscus, 10 branches of birch and 12 eucalypthus

How it works:

1. choose the covenant of flowers that pleases you best

2. we deliver the flowers fresh to you

3. put together your dream bouquet

4. rejoice in your flowers

Our florist Markus shows you in this video how to arrange your flowers the most beautiful way.

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