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Funeral flowers - What to do in case of bereavement

A death usually leads to great emotional stress. In addition to this psychological burden, a lot of important things have to be done.

To help you cope, it makes sense to inform family members or good friends who will help and support you.

As a little help, you will get an overview of the most important tasks below:

• Call a doctor to issue the death certificate

• Notify relatives

• Check decrees of the deceased (e.g. organ donation, declarations of intent, will, etc.)

• Select and contact the undertaker (pick up the deceased, clarify the form of the funeral,
   date of burial, select cemetery, post death announcement, order grave decoration, etc.)

• Notify the parish office (if church assistance is desired)

• Report death to the registry office + have the death certificate issued

• Apply for a certificate of inheritance at the probate court

• Report to health insurance companies, insurance companies and employers

Which flowers are appropriate in case of bereavement?

This is a common question when arranging a funeral bouquet. So that you do not have to deal with the question of which flowers are appropriate in this situation, we will be happy to help you here.

Flowers have played an important role in funerals and coping with grief for some time now. They serve ideally as comfort for relatives and friends.

The individual types of flowers and their colours have different meanings:

Roses, lilies and carnations are the flowers most commonly used at funerals.

The rose stands for transience.

Lilies symbolize sadness and connectedness.

Carnations are a sign of love and friendship.

The most common colours for funeral flowers are white, red, violet or peach.

White stands for purity and innocence. In Christian symbolism, it is the colour of the resurrection.

Red stands for love and respect and is therefore usually used at funerals.

Violet stands for dignity and respect.

Peach-coloured flowers symbolise admiration, gratitude or grief.

As an alternative to a bouquet of flowers, funeral wreaths are used at funeral ceremonies. The wreath symbolizes the eternal cycle of the sun as well as the immortality of the soul.

Unfortunately I cannot be at the funeral - what now?

Of course it is a pity if you cannot attend the funeral in person. But sometimes it is unavoidable. In order to be able to express your sadness and sorrow, FloraPrima offers the possibility to send the funeral bouquets and funeral wreaths by delivery service throughout Germany. In this way you can send the flowers directly to the funeral home or the undertaker. With an enclosed mourning card you can also address your personal words to the relatives and thus show that they can count on your support even in these difficult times. Even if you only learned about the bereavement at short notice - delivery is possible on the next working day.


Grief quotes:

What you have deep in your heart
you cannot lose through death.

(Joh. Wolfgang v. Goethe)


Who lives in the memory of his loved ones
he is not dead, he is only distant;
only those who are forgotten are dead.

(Immanuel Kant)


The hope is the rainbow
over the falling stream of life.

(Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche)


The more beautiful and the greater the memory,
the more difficult the separation.
But gratitude turns the agony of memory into a silent joy.
You don't wear the beauty of the past like a thorn,
but as a precious gift in itself.

(Dietrich Bonhoeffer)


Grief sayings:

Memories are little stars
that shine comfortingly in the darkness of our grief.


You have left many traces of love and care, and the memory of all that is beautiful with you will always be alive in us.


The most beautiful thing a person can leave behind is a smile on the face of those who think of him.


You have gone from our midst, but not from our hearts.


Resurrection is our faith,
Reunion our hope,
Memory our love.

(Aurelius Augustinus)


We are not to mourn the loss of the dead,
but to be grateful that we had them, and still have them now:
for he who returns to the Lord remains in the community of the family of God and has only gone ahead.

(Hieronymus 331-420)

Please note that direct delivery to cemeteries is not possible. Select the mourning house or the funeral parlor as the delivery address.
The next possible desired delivery date is the next working day (including Saturday), if you order before 3 pm.  
For the desired date on Monday we need your order by 11 a.m. on the previous Saturday at the latest. For funeral floristry after 3 p.m. for the following day please choose the "Flowers today". 
If you want to send flower greetings abroad, please choose from  "Flowers worldwide".