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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

    • 8. Will the flowers arrive intact and fresh? Is the box attractive?

      Flower arrangements from FloraPrima are always fresh and of high quality. The flowers come fresh from the growers and are distributed by us directly to you. The flowers are watered before being placed into our FloraPrima box. A specially designed fleece in order to maintain the flowers freshness is wrapped around the stems. The bouquet is delivered as pictured, including a package of nutrients and nursing instructions.

    • What happens when the flowers are no longer fresh upon arrival?

      If you should at anytime have questions or concerns regarding the order, you may reach us per email: info@floraprima.de or per telephone: +49 5303-990980. We offer a 7 Day Freshness Guarantee and surely we will make all efforts to satisfy our customers.

    • 15. Can I order roses in quantities other than those indicated in the bouquets?

      Yes. You can order our bouquets from the category "Individual Amount" in any desired quantity with 15 to 100 roses.

      Up to 34 roses you get the free glass vase. From 35 roses you get the free premium vase.

    • Can I change the number of flowers in the bouquet?

      We deliver the bouquets as they are shown in the store. Unfortunately, changes are not possible. But you can order our category "Indiviual amount" in any desired quantity with 15 to 100 roses.

    • Until what time can I complete my order to ensure a delivery the next day?

      The order must reach us by 17:00 for FloraPrima to complete the delivery the next day. On Saturdays, your order must be received by 11:00 to complete the delivery on the following Monday.

    • Can I order per Telephone?

      We can be reached under the following telephone number: +49 5303-990980

    • How long do I have to make changes to my order?

      You will receive with your order confirmation a link with which you can change the order. Usually up to 2 days before shipment you can change your order.

      Of course, you can also change or cancel your order by calling or emailing us. You can reach us at info@floraprima.de or on our service hotline: +49 5303-990980. 

    • Can I include a greeting card with my order?

      Of course. Individualize your flower greeting with your personal greeting text. You have the choice: Your flower greeting including free standard card or with a motif card of your choice for your special occasion from only 3.00 €.

    • Why haven't I received an order confirmation email?

      No need to worry. It does not mean that your order has not reached us. If you saw the closing page ("Thank you for the flowers! ...and your order at FloraPrima."), your order has reached us!

      Have you ever looked in your SPAM folder? Some Internet providers sort out standard e-mails as SPAM in advance. Please contact our service hotline by phone at: +49 5303-990980 or by e-mail at info@floraprima.de, stating your order number.

    • When will the money be posted from my account or charged to my credit card?

      We make the booking 24 hours after receiving the order and is independent of the desired delivery date.

    • Can I also pay by invoice?

      Yes, we also offer - trust against trust - payment by invoice. The invoice must be paid within 7 days after delivery date. The invoice will be sent only by e-mail. No invoice will be sent by mail.

    • Can I have an order delivered on a Sunday or a Holiday?

      Bouquets that you can find at the following link can be delivered to Sunday:

      Sunday Delivery

      Unfortunately, Sunday and holiday delivery from our other assortment is currently not possible.

    • Can the delivery date be guaranteed?

      FloraPrima offers 2 types of deliveries:

      Standard Delivery
      The delivery takes place Monday(8:00h–19:00h) through Saturday (8:00h–15:00h) with our delivery service. The completion of a delivery is warranted in 95-98% of all deliveries. Apart from that, the deliveries are completed with a delay of 1-2 business days. The driver is also authorized to deliver the flowers to a neighbour if the recipient can not be reached.All products are sent a day prior to the desired delivery date. Therefore the completion of an order numerous days prior to the desired delivery has no affect on the reliability of the delivery

      Guaranteed Delivery. A delivery  is guaranteed Monday through Friday through our delivery service. The driver is also authorized to deliver the flowers to a neighbour if the recipient can not be reached. The additional address field can be used to identify which neighbour the delivery can be left with or if the delivery can be left in front of the door.

    • 4. Can I make an order for delivery on Saturday?

      FloraPrima delivers on Saturdays. The order must received by 17:00 on Friday to ensure a timely delivery

    • Can I send flowers anonymously?

      During the order process, you can choose to have the flowers sent anonymously by clicking the appropriate check box.

    • 12. Are deliveries completed in the morning or afternoon?

      Unfortunately a time of delivery can not be specified. The courier plans routes based on demand and therefore the routes change daily. Deliveries occur between 8:00 and 18:00, under certain circumstances orders may be delivered after 18:00.

    • Can deliveries be made to business address’ or hospitals?

      FloraPrima can deliver to every known and documented address in Germany. Please be aware that certain hospitals do not accept packages on Saturdays. Please call the hospital prior to completing the order for a Saturday to ensure they accept packages.

    • What happens if the recipient is not a home at the time of delivery?

      The courier will attempt to hand over the flowers to a neighbour.

    • How much does it cost to ship my flower greeting?

      The standard delivery costs 5.99 € in Germany.

      The desired date is reached with a probability of about 95 %. In other cases, the delivery may be delayed by one or two business days.

      Alternatively, you can choose the guaranteed delivery for 12.99 € (Tuesday till Friday)/14.99 € (Monday and Saturday). This is guaranteed to arrive on your desired delivery date. If, contrary to expectations, delivery is not made, you will receive a full refund. If you then prefer a replacement delivery, we will of course do that. You will understand that the delivery guarantee only applies if no delivery attempt was made. If the delivery service was on time and no one opened, the guarantee does not apply.

      Note: The guarantee delivery for premium bouquets and premium roses costs 19.99 € (including money back guarantee).

      Standard delivery to Austria and Poland costs 11.99 €, to Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Sweden, Slovenia and Czech Republic 14.99 €.

      The desired date will be reached with a probability of about 95 %. In other cases, delivery may be delayed by one business day. 

      Note for France: delivery to islands (e.g. Corsica) and French overseas departments is not possible.

      Flowers florist delivery: Germany and Austria 14.99 €.

      Flowers all other countries: 14.99 € (Span. Islands 24.99 €)

      Flowers to the USA and Canada: 14.99 €, Saturday 32.99 €.

    • Does FloraPrima deliver world wide?

      You can make International orders in the service “International Delivery”. FloraPrima offers deliveries in over 120 countries.

    • Can I make a „Sameday“ order?

      Sameday orders can be made in the service “Last MINUTE”. In order to complete the delivery the sameday, we require the order by 15:00. If the order comes in after 15:00, the delivery will be completed on the next business day.

    • Can I also have delivery to an island?

      In principle, we can deliver to any German address that can be delivered by post. Please note that delivery to an island is always extended by one business day, as the post office hands over the shipment to the responsible island carrier for delivery (also applies to Guaranteed Delivery).

    • Can I also have deliveries made to packing stations?

      With the DHL packing stations, the recipient of your flower greeting can receive the flower packages day and night.

      Thus, the recipient of your flower greeting is spared the wait for the delivery person. This is especially convenient for working people and for flower recipients who have no "dear neighbors" to receive the flower delivery.

      There are 9,000 Packstations available throughout Germany.

      Here you can easily find the nearest Packstation for your desired delivery address.

      Please inform the recipient that you have sent a fresh flower gift to the Packstation. When ordering, please enter the postal number and the number of the Packstation.