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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

1. Until what time can I complete my order to ensure a delivery the next day?

The order must reach us by 17:00 for FloraPrima to complete the delivery the next day. On Saturdays, your order must be received by 11:00 to complete the delivery on the following Monday.

2. Can I make a „Sameday“ order?

Sameday orders can be made in the service “Last MINUTE”. In order to complete the delivery the sameday, we require the order by 15:00. If the order comes in after 15:00, the delivery will be completed on the next business day.

3. Does FloraPrima deliver world wide?

You can make International orders in the service “International Delivery”. FloraPrima offers deliveries in over 120 countries.

4. Can I make an order for delivery on Saturday?

FloraPrima delivers on Saturdays. The order must received by 17:00 on Friday to ensure a timely delivery

5. Can I have an order delivered on a Sunday or a Holiday?

Unfortunately a Sunday or Holiday delivery is currently not possible.

6. Can I order per Telephone?

We can be reached under the following telephone number: 0180-5455615 (14 ct/per min. from Germany landline; mobile max price 42ct/per min.)

7. What happens when the flowers are no longer fresh upon arrival?

If you should at anytime have questions or concerns regarding the order, you may reach us per email: info@floraprima.de or per telephone: +49(0)5303 99098 0. We offer a 7 Day Freshness Guarantee and surely we will make all efforts to satisfy our customers.

8. Will the flowers arrive intact and fresh? Is the box attractive?

Flower arrangements from FloraPrima are always fresh and of high quality. The flowers come fresh from the growers and are distributed by us directly to you. The flowers are watered before being placed into our FloraPrima box. A specially designed fleece in order to maintain the flowers freshness is wrapped around the stems. The bouquet is delivered as pictured, including a package of nutrients and nursing instructions.

9. What happens if the recipient is not a home at the time of delivery?

The courier will attempt to hand over the flowers to a neighbour.

10. Can deliveries be made to business address’ or hospitals?

FloraPrima can deliver to every known and documented address in Germany. Please be aware that certain hospitals do not accept packages on Saturdays. Please call the hospital prior to completing the order for a Saturday to ensure they accept packages.

11. How long do I have to make changes to my order?

Changes can be made up until 2 days prior to the delivery date. You may reach us per email: info@floraprima.de or per telephone: +49(0) 5303 99098 0

12. Are deliveries completed in the morning or afternoon?

Unfortunately a time of delivery can not be specified. The courier plans routes based on demand and therefore the routes change daily. Deliveries occur between 8:00 and 18:00, under certain circumstances orders may be delivered after 18:00.

13. Can the delivery date be guaranteed?

FloraPrima offers 2 types of deliveries:

Standard Delivery
The delivery takes place Monday(8:00h–19:00h) through Saturday (8:00h–15:00h) with our delivery service. The completion of a delivery is warranted in 95-98% of all deliveries. Apart from that, the deliveries are completed with a delay of 1-2 business days. The driver is also authorized to deliver the flowers to a neighbour if the recipient can not be reached.All products are sent a day prior to the desired delivery date. Therefore the completion of an order numerous days prior to the desired delivery has no affect on the reliability of the delivery

Guaranteed Delivery. A delivery  is guaranteed Monday through Friday through our delivery service. The driver is also authorized to deliver the flowers to a neighbour if the recipient can not be reached. The additional address field can be used to identify which neighbour the delivery can be left with or if the delivery can be left in front of the door.

14. Can I send flowers anonymously?

During the order process, you can choose to have the flowers sent anonymously by clicking the appropriate check box.

15. Can anyone read my greeting card?

The greeting can only be seen by the individual that opens the box. The greeting text is printed on an attractive card and placed in the box.

17. When will the invoice amount be charged from my account or credit card?

FloraPrima charges on the day the flowers are ordered. All data is transferred based on secure connection to ensure the safety of your personal information.

18. Can I have my flowers delivered to a German island?

In general we can deliver to every German postal address. In order to deliver to a German island however, the package is passed onto a local transport company which in General one day longer to complete the delivery. Therefor we are unable to guarantee a deliver on the requested delivery date.

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