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Flower Care

Below we have some important tips for the care of your flowers and bouquets. Read the flower care tips carefully and your bouquet will be fresh and beautiful for a long time.

Location and storage of the bouquet

·    Be sure to protect your bouquet from drafts.
·    Always use a clean vase for your bouquet so that no bacteria form. These clog the flower's stems.
·    It is better to take a little too much than too little water.
·    Avoid direct sunlight on the bouquet.
·    Remove any leaves hanging in the water from the bouquet.
·    Use warm water. This will result in a quicker water absorption.
    Heat activates the metabolic processes in the flowers and warm water activates less dissolved gases.
·    Cold water narrows the stems of the flowers and by this affects the water absorption of the bouquet.
·    Do not place the bouquet near fruit bowls. The fruits (apples, pears, etc.) emit ethylene gas,
    which promotes the withering process and the durability of the bouquet is considerably reduced.
·    Your bouquet can be covered with a light foil at night.
    Thereby you create a healthy microclimate and ideal conditions for the bouquet.

Cutting the flowers

Correct cutting is the most important condition to extend the durability of the flowers. In floristry, a distinction is made between flower stems:
·    hard herbaceous stems (roses, carnations, lilies etc.): long, oblique cut
·    soft herbaceous stems (calla, amaryllis, hyacinths, tulips, gerberas): almost straight cut.
·    Orchids and cyclamen: Cut under running water or in water. The stems must also be scratched in above the cut.
·    Always cut with a sharp knife.
·    Do not use scissors. They will crush the stems of the flowers and the nutrient supply will be disturbed.


·    Add the supplied flower food to the water and mix it carefully. The flower food should dissolve completely.
·    Cut the flowers in the vase daily.
·    Even fully bloomed and withered flowers emit ethylene gas, which promotes the withering process and
     thereby reduces the durability of the bouquet. Therefore remove these flowers from the bouquet.
·    Due to the flower food the water can be left in the vase for a longer period of time. The flower food has an anti-bacterial effect.
     The evaporated water should only be refilled periodically. The supply of nutrients (e.g. sugar) causes a normal fading process.

If you follow this advice, you will enjoy your bouquet for a long time. Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you have any questions or requests.

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