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FloraPrima naturals

NEW! FloraPrima naturals. Naturally beautiful, sustainably grown bouquets. The recipient of the flowers can arrange the bouquet itself in a vase.

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Creative and individual: arrange meadow bouquet yourself.

You give fresh, beautiful cut flowers with our Meadow Bouquet Flower Box. The flowers are delivered in a flower box and are ready for immediate use. Simply cut the flowers, place them in the vase and enjoy. The flower box is a great gift idea for any occasion. You can also order the flower box to your home and arrange your own DIY bouquet just the way you like it. It is so easy to create your own meadow bouquet and you will love the result. You will be amazed at how beautiful your DIY bouquet will look at home. So, give it a try and let your imagination run wild.

Do you want to arrange a natural meadow flowers bouquet by yourself in the vase in modern boho style? With our naturals flowers, you can let your imagination and creativity run wild. Our sustainably grown flowers come with eco-friendly packaging to your home or to any address you wish.

naturals bouquet: modern and sustainable

FloraPrima naturals - these are natural, sustainably grown bunches of flowers that we send to your desired address in an environmentally friendly paper envelope. To ensure that the bouquet survives the journey in perfect condition, we equip the stem ends with a freshness pack. Upon receipt, you can arrange your meadow bouquet according to your individual taste with a few simple steps. Choose a modern bouquet that appeals to you personally and order online in just a few steps! You can get instructions for the perfect boho flowers here or in this video.

Arrange meadow flower bouquet in vase: Step-by-step instructions
Never arranged flowers yourself before? No problem: with our easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions, you'll become your own florist! You'll need:

- a fresh bunch of naturals flowers
- a vase with fresh tap water
- a pair of rose scissors (or alternatively a sharp knife)

Step 1: Preparation for your perfect meadow bouquet

Each FloraPrima naturals flower bunch is shipped in an eco-friendly paper bag, because sustainability, freshness and regionality are close to our hearts. First, unwrap the freshness pack at the stem end of the bunch and carefully pull the flowers out of the bag. Then prepare the glass vase. Fill it about two-thirds full with fresh tap water and add the freshener that comes with each bouquet of meadow flowers. The freshener will ensure that your meadow bouquet stays fresh for a long time.

Step 2: Dividing the boho flowers into three groups

We recommend that you first pre-sort the flowers. The solid stems will form the basic framework when arranging your bouquet, while the stems with branches will provide the necessary fullness. In addition, each bunch of flowers has special highlights that bring color and mood to the bouquet.

Step 3: Cutting the individual flowers

Before you arrange the flowers in the vase, you should cut each individual stem about two centimeters diagonally. Use a pair of rose scissors or a sharp knife to do this. By cutting at an angle, you will achieve a particularly large cut surface, which ensures optimal water absorption.

Step 4: Arrange flowers in vase

Now you can arrange the prepared flowers. First place the flowers with a firm stem in a cross shape in the vase, followed by the branched flowers. Arrange them in a criss-cross shape, too, so that they have enough support and form a great dome shape. Finally, place the highlights - also cross over cross - in between. Crossing the individual flowers gives your flower arrangement a high degree of stability. This is extremely important, because after all, the bouquet is not tied, but only loosely placed in the vase. Positive side effect: The flowers have enough space to fully develop. And your modern meadow flower bouquet is ready.

Care tips from a professional

We at FloraPrima attach great importance to keeping your flowers fresh for as long as possible. A high-quality fresh packaging and the free addition of freshness preservative are therefore a matter of course for us. To enjoy your modern meadow bouquet for a long time, we recommend changing the vase water every two to three days. In addition, flowers do not like direct sunlight or drafts! Since the ethylene gas contained in many types of fruit causes flowers to wilt more quickly, you should not place your meadow bouquet next to a fruit bowl.

By the way: A naturals meadow bouquet from FloraPrima is also perfect for giving as a gift! Each bouquet comes with practical step-by-step instructions so that the recipient can start arranging them right away. So: Meadow flower bouquet right now

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