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Siegel Tüv Siegel EHI
Gift Basket for Epicure back Enlarge

Gift Basket for Epicure

This gift baskets consists of 1 bottle of bree merlot (dry redwine) 0,25l, 1 bottle of bree chardonnay (dry white wine) 0,25l, 1 bootle of bree pinot noir (Rose) 0,25l, 1 package of sweet chocolate mountain cookies 200g, 1 package of hearty doriano (italian crackers) 240g and 1 tasty lindt lindor chocolate bar 38g. The delivery is made in a fail safe package.

Alcohol volume:
Bree Merlot: 12,5 %

Bree Chardonnay: 12%

Bree Pinot Noir: 11,5%

Vineyard: Peter Mertes KG, 54470 Bernkastel-Kues, Deutschland

Important information:

Wine contains sulfite.

Due to the protection of minors, we only sell alcohol to person over the age of 18.

The pictured product may vary from the delivered product.

Next delivery date:

Ingredients and nutritional value

Chocolate Mountains Cookies:
sugar, wheat flour, fat, palm fat, cocoa mass, cocoa butter, liquid chicken yock, skim milk powder, oat flakes, whole milk powder, backing agent, resolidified butter, glucose-fructose syrup; emulgatoren: soyalecithine, sunflower lecithine; salt

Nutrional value per 100g:
Calorific value 503kcal/2105kJ, Fat 25,0g, saturated fats 14,0g, carbohydrates 62,0g, sugar 40,0g, protein 5, 9g, salt 0,93g

Doriano (italian crakers):
wheat flour, plant oil (palm, coconut), salt, barley malt flour, yeast

Nutrional value per100g:
Calorific value 443kcal/1862kJ, Fat 14,0g, saturated fats  8,8g, carbohydrates 66,0g, sugar 2,3g, protein 10,0g, salt 2,5g

Lindt Chocolate Bar Lindor:
sugar, plant oil (palm, coconut), cocoa butter, whole milk powder, cocoa mass, milk sugar, skim milk powder, resolidified butter; emulgator soyalecithine; barley malt extract, aroma

Nutrional value per100g:
Calorific value 606kcal/2520kJ, fat 44,0g, saturated fats 33,0g, carbohydrates 46,0g, sugar 45,0g, protein 5,5g, salt 0,14g

Pieces Price Product#
35,99 €
including VAT, excluding delivery fees