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Birthday Wishes

A fresh flower greeting for a birthday always puts a smile on the face.

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Giving flowers with a heart


A special highlight for lovers and those in love is our diverse rose collection.
A special something extra with every delivery: the birthday bouquet comes with a free greeting card and free vase to the festive!
This way, the birthday delivery is that much more enjoyable!


Which flowers to send for a birthday?


Birthday flowers chosen with love are always well received.
If you are still unsure about which flowers are the right ones for your birthday,
here is a little help in deciding.


For mothers, mothers-in-law and grannies

Red, yellow or pink?
If you know the birthday girl or boy's favourite colour, a bouquet of birthday flowers in this colour will definitely charm her!
If you're unsure about your mother-in-law, you certainly won't go wrong with a mixed, pastel arrangement.
Coloured lilies are also popular. They radiate respect, elegance and beauty. Gerberas stand for cheerfulness, light-heartedness and draughtiness.
They come in many colours and with their clear look they enhance any mixed bouquet.


For best friends and sweethearts

When it comes to best friends, almost everyone is instinctively right in their choice of birthday flowers. Those who have been through a lot together know what goes down well: colourful and cheerful or modern and stylish.

If romance is involved, roses are not the only messengers of love. The carnation is also considered a symbol of love. Pink and red carnations in particular stand for eternal love. Tulips affirm the deep love in a life partnership.


For neighbours, colleagues, bosses and co.

More tact is required here when choosing the appropriate birthday flowers. Special preferences and favourite colours are usually not known. A colourful bouquet with flowers from the respective season does not allow for false interpretations. It is better to avoid pure bouquets of roses or lilies. They send out too clear messages.


For men

Of course, men are also happy to receive flowers for their birthday! Maybe not every man, but if it is the father, brother, husband or friend, you will know if it fits. For men, for example, anthuriums, gerberas, sunflowers and roses are popular. Straightforward and simple arrangements, single flowers combined with branches go down better than pastel-coloured, thick bouquets.


The language of flowers


The language of flowers already existed in the ancient Orient, it had its heyday in Europe in the 18th century. Messages were sent back and forth with flowers as they are today with messanger services. So deeply rooted in humanity, some symbols continue to be present. It can therefore be worthwhile to have their meanings in mind when giving birthday flowers:


- white flowers, especially asters, chrysanthemums and lilies are considered flowers of the dead

- yellow roses symbolise envy and jealousy

- daffodils stand for vanity

- Tulips signify deep and faithful love

- Orange flowers stand for joie de vivre and good humour

- Sunflowers are considered mood lifters, always turned towards the sunny side of life