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Double-Bubble-Giant-Balloon Hearts (190cm)

The perfect present for a special person.

49,99 €
including VAT plus Delivery Fee


Wir kaufen unsere Blumen direkt von den Züchtern, so dass wir ihnen 7 Tage Frische garantieren können.

Darauf können Sie sich freuen

This new Stretch-Balloon is very sturdy and is filled with helium and floats for numerous weeks! The Double-Bubble-Balloon with a diamter of 56cm is filled with helium (not poisonous, non flammable, non explosive and allowed in closed rooms) and a little ballon. Many ribbons and small balloons decorate this gift. The large balloon is connected with a foot of small balloons and a weight to keep the balloon from floating away. The height of the balloon is 190cm.

Product# 3429505F

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