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Your Benefits with FloraPrima

Years of Experience

Since 2001, we have been reliably and successfully sending bouquets to our customers in Germany and abroad.

7-Day Freshness Guarantee

We guarantee that the flowers in all our bouquets will last at least 7 days.

Delivery to Desired Address

Delivery is possible to any postal address – within Germany, but also to many parts of abroad.

Scheduled/Subscriptions Service

You have the option to specify a desired delivery date. The shipment will then be sent on the scheduled date. For recurring deliveries, you can also set up a subscription.

Personalized Greeting Cards

An individually written card can be sent with the flowers. Upon request, you can also send us your own company cards to include with the flowers.

Inclusion of Your Personal Promotional Gift

Naturally, you also have the option to send us promotional gifts upon request, which we will then forward to the recipient.

Bouquets in Company Colors

Thanks to our large assortment, we can always send a beautiful matching bouquet in your company colors.

Monthly Collective Invoice

We offer the option to collectively bill your orders on a monthly basis. You will then receive an invoice at the end of the month for all orders from the previous month.

Convenient Bulk Orders via Excel

For larger bulk orders, you can easily submit your orders using our Excel template. We will then handle the recording for you.

Personal Consultation with a Dedicated Contact Person

We are happy to provide personal consultation and always take your wishes and concerns into account. A dedicated contact person ensures quick and easy resolution and processing of issues.

Sustainably Produced Flowers

With our Fairtrade roses and our Naturals bouquets, we offer a range of sustainably produced flowers, sourced exclusively from flower farms with socially and environmentally sustainable conditions.

Free Glass Vase with Our Bouquets

With our bouquets, you always receive a beautiful free vase. This ensures that the recipients also have a suitable vessel for the bouquets.

Large Assortment

In total, we offer more than 300 products, ensuring that there is guaranteed to be a suitable flower gift for everyone.